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With our strongest technical abilities, we are providing several kinds of services in our major areas of businesses involving industrial automation.

Leak and Flow System with COSMO INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD. (JAPAN)

  • Services provided include sales of all the COSMO's oversea products.
  • Calibration services on most of the COSMO products.
  • Repairing and maintaining services on most of the COSMO products.
  • Technical supports on the leak and flow testing with most of the COSMO products, etc...
  • Leak/flow testing machine for on-line or iff-line capabilities, which involved in test system and machine design; new fabrication / modification, test jig, automated control, etc...
Malaysia Electronic Instrument Devices | Instrument Tester

Others services in Industrial Automation

  • Automation designs on production process control, process tester, performance tester & testing jig with commissioning in safety and quality assurance system.
  • Product sales on PLC, Electronic Measuring Instrument, Inverter, DC Motor Controller, Power Supply, Conveyor System, Industrial Electrical Component, Electronic Component, Pneumatic component, Heating Element, etc...
  • Services provided for upgrading, trouble shooting, repairing and maintaining of Industrial automated systems inclusive of tester, equipment or control...